Patient centric architecture for terminal care comes to Glasgow

Work is beginning shortly on a new hospice building in Glasgow. A good friend shared this link with me today and knew how much it would mean to me; Glasgow, my home town and its new hospice, created with patients and their families in mind from the very beginning.

Right from the start of my nursing training, caring for patients who were terminally ill, along with their family /carers was a passion for me. I know some people may find that unusual however for me nursing was always about giving  patients quality and dignity in life and in death.

As a student nurse 30 years ago, the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow was in its infancy. Today it receives over 1,000 new patient referrals a year and it provides patient care through Inpatient, Day Services, Clinical Nurse Specialist Community team and input to Acute Hospital teams. In addition it provides support, help and advice to families and carers,allowing them to help their loved make informed decision about where they want to die. Some patients want to be at home,others prefer to be in a hospice with their nearest and dearest beside them.There is no one size fits all or right or wrong when it comes to making the decision about where we want to die,assuming we are in the position to have that choice.

By taking patients and their wishes into account in the design of Glasgow’s new hospice, I hope that more patients can approach those final months, weeks and hours of life with the dignity, quality of life and peace we would all wish for our loved ones. I know from personal experience what a difference that can make.

Patient centricity at its very best in my book.