Connectivity and convergence, healthcare 2017 style

As we begin week 2 of 2017, CES 2017, the global consumer technologies innovation conference  has already wrapped in Las Vegas, and JP Morgan, one of Life Sciences’ largest annual conferences, bringing together executives and investors from around the globe kicks off in San Francisco today.

CES 2017 was all about looking to better global living through connectivity and innovation be that in digital health, AI, VR, robotics, smart cities, 5G, cars, sport or travel. Trends from last year’s JP Morgan included personalised medicine, value based care, data and technology and consumerism of healthcare; yes we are seeing and continue to see, a seismic shift in both mind set and expectations of patients to those of consumers.

With aging populations, growing chronic disease burden, on-going global pressures on healthcare cost provision and rapidly changing political landscapes, one thing is for sure; whatever trends emerge from this year’s JP Morgan conference, the connectivity and convergence of technology will continue to play an increasingly important role in our future healthcare.