The world we live in today is more globally homogenised, fast paced, demanding and tech savvy than ever before with companies vying to attract, develop and retain the top staff for their company talent pool(s). Technical advances can however be a double edged sword in recruiting, impeding accountability and responsibility for communication resulting in frustration both for candidates and potential employers. So as a candidate what makes you stand out from the crowd? Is it your qualifications, your knowledge, skills, experience, hobbies, social media profile,aspirations or a sum of all of these and more?

One thing does make you stand out, your unique selling point (USP), quite simply you are an individual – as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, “A single human being as distinct from a group.”

At Macdonald Lewis Associates we have all been candidates ourselves and so we look to treat candidates as we would like to be treated – as individuals with direct, open, honest and timely communication.

Whilst we cannot find the next right opportunity for every candidate who contacts us, please do feel free to speak with us / share your aspirations and CV with us. We hope you will enjoy engaging with us and that it will be the start of a long, happy and mutually rewarding relationship in a similar way to our candidates below.

What our candidates say about us…

I have been fortunate to work with Susan both as a candidate and as a client. Her ability to match individuals’ career aspirations with client business needs is second to none. She is honest, enthusiastic, energetic, commercially savvy and always positive. Susan has that rare quality in recruitment whereby she is absolutely focused on building long-term relationships ensuring that when she brings clients and candidates together it’s the perfect solution for both. Confidential and trustworthy, Susan is a true business partner who can pro-actively provide solutions and insights into both the recruitment and business strategy to ensure that short, medium and long-term business goals can be met.

Lynn Robertson
Former Associate Director, HR Operations, Global Pharma Company

Susan was a very competent and professional collaborator in the negotiations between me and my new employer – her very informative, supportive and honest way of acting as the link between me and my new employer was very helpful and made me feel trustful in the decision of changing to another company, to have a new career and not at least moving from Europe to Singapore.

Lars Friis Mikkelsen

I worked with Susan in 2014 when I was looking for a career change. She took the time to get to understand my career goals and aspirations, and supported me through the entire recruitment process. Whilst changing industries can be stressful, Susan advised me every step of the way, keeping me fully updated on progress. Susan’s involvement did not stop once I had settled in to my new career. She keeps in touch regularly to ensure that my current role is meeting my expectations and goals. I very much enjoyed working with Susan, whom I find to be a warm, personable and very professional individual.

Ross Folland, BTS Business Relationship Manager, AbbVie

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